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Product highlights


Aluminum natural

Aluminum natural components roof rails in aluminum natural

• High gloss anodized
• Matte anodized
• High gloss / matte combined

Aluminum black

Components in ALUCERAM black window trims in ALUCERAM black

• High gloss powder
• Matte powder
• Black anodized
• ALUCERAM black

Other product highlights

• Overlying rail
• Superior rail
• Crossbeam (sometimes with sensor function)
• Aluminum cap rail
• Low budget rail

Innovation has history by us

Always a step ahead…

  • Inventor of matte aluminum surfaces

  • First fully automatic and synchronously closed window trims

  • Inventor of the overlying roof rail system

  • Inventor of the ALUCERAM process for aluminum surfaces resistant up to a pH of 13.5

  • Series production of ALUCERAM black

  • Inventor of the compensation element for mounting systems of the roof rail

  • Inventor of the illuminated roof rail and window trims

  • ALUCERAM black II series application

  • Inventor of the divided roof rail

  • Inventor of the rear light unit in the window trim

    Further development of ALUCERAM for aluminum surfaces resistant up to a pH of 14


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